[ubuntu-uk] dual boot problem

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sat May 12 17:39:58 UTC 2012

> > I have a new PC with two HDDs and I am trying to install Windows and
> > Ubuntu on one of the drives keeping the other for data and so on. In the
> > past I have dual booted many machines without any difficulty but this is
> > the first time I have tried with a machine with 2 drives and there are
> > problems. Installing XP Pro puts the OS on the main drive as expected
> > but Ubuntu wants to install on the second drive and not along side
> > windows.
> I have three HD's on mine and I have no problem telling Ubuntu exactly 
> where I want it.  There is an option in the installer to select 
> whichever drive you want it on.  I can't remember details without 
> booting into a DVD but if you can't find it, I'll do that for you.

Barry, I would be most grateful if you could point me in the right
direction. I know that one of the options is to do something else. I
have looked at that where the drives are listed but I am uncertain what
to do thereafter.


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