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Alan Bell alan.bell at libertus.co.uk
Wed Mar 7 14:51:42 UTC 2012

On 07/03/12 12:32, Alan Pope wrote:
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> On 07/03/12 12:20, paul sutton wrote:
>> I am also guessing here, that with the raspberry PI the exposure
>> that Linux will get should really help drive the fact there ARE
>> real alternatives.,
> Or people will say "Linux, hmm, that's the thing that runs on those
> really slow, cheap things that come without a case?".
> I'd like to hope that's not the general view and that "we" can use the
> positive characteristics to help promote Linux in general. It's a
> massive bummer that the RPi won't ship with Ubuntu. I'd love for some
> community people to get together and make that happen, but it doesn't
> seem to have yet.
Well nobody has the hardware yet, I could have applied to get a dev 
board, but I am not a developer that low down the stack, and the Ubuntu 
ARM people I spoke to told me there was no possibility of Ubuntu 
building for ARM6 any more. What I did do was talk to Eben and Liz and 
explain why I didn't want them shipping it with an unsupported and EOL 
Ubuntu 9.04 and causing lots of people to come to the LoCo community 
looking for support with an elderly Ubuntu that can't be upgraded. I 
would rather people have  a good experience on something else than a bad 
experience on Ubuntu.
I think the ARM6 problem is going to be a bit of a showstopper for 
having Ubuntu all the way down on the Raspberry Pi. It will however run 
Debian, and it will run python and it will run various Ubuntu bits of 
GUI goodness if they are compiled for it. I can see it being possible to 
have a Raspberry Pi running Unity2d (sadly I doubt compiz will work) on 
Debian plumbing, so it will could look rather a lot like Ubuntu.


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