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On 07/03/12 14:51, Alan Bell wrote:
> Well nobody has the hardware yet, I could have applied to get a
> dev board, but I am not a developer that low down the stack, and
> the Ubuntu ARM people I spoke to told me there was no possibility
> of Ubuntu building for ARM6 any more.

I'd phrase that as "There's no possibility of Canonical re-enabling
building for ARM6 unless someone pays them to do it".

There's nothing stopping community people doing an "Ubuntu Pi Remix".

> What I did do was talk to Eben and Liz and explain why I didn't
> want them shipping it with an unsupported and EOL Ubuntu 9.04 and
> causing lots of people to come to the LoCo community looking for
> support with an elderly Ubuntu that can't be upgraded. I would
> rather people have  a good experience on something else than a bad 
> experience on Ubuntu.

Ah! So it's _your_ fault they're bad-mouthing us! :)

> I think the ARM6 problem is going to be a bit of a showstopper for 
> having Ubuntu all the way down on the Raspberry Pi. It will however
> run Debian, and it will run python and it will run various Ubuntu
> bits of GUI goodness if they are compiled for it. I can see it
> being possible to have a Raspberry Pi running Unity2d (sadly I
> doubt compiz will work) on Debian plumbing, so it will could look
> rather a lot like Ubuntu.

The 'official' Fedora spin was made by a bunch of guys at a University
in Canada, not as I understand it Red Hat. Their video explains that
they went out and bought a bunch of ARM6 devices (not Pis)  and did
the builds on the bare metal. This could just as "easily" be done for

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