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paul sutton zleap at zleap.net
Wed Mar 7 12:56:33 UTC 2012

On 07/03/12 12:32, Alan Pope wrote:
> On 07/03/12 12:20, paul sutton wrote:
> > I am also guessing here, that with the raspberry PI the exposure
> > that Linux will get should really help drive the fact there ARE
> > real alternatives.,
> Or people will say "Linux, hmm, that's the thing that runs on those
> really slow, cheap things that come without a case?".
> I'd like to hope that's not the general view and that "we" can use the
> positive characteristics to help promote Linux in general. It's a
> massive bummer that the RPi won't ship with Ubuntu. I'd love for some
> community people to get together and make that happen, but it doesn't
> seem to have yet.

Perhaps when there are a good few of these out there this may happen,
however it would be easier if there were a few
people in one area say where I am (Torbay) who want to do a port, that way
face to face meets can be arranged to discuss / look at the issues and
collaborate closely on specific issues.
> > Especially if local user groups and the loco teams Ubuntu local
> > teams up their game, then the support structure will be out there
> > and people will know about it.
> We've heard this before :)
> When the OLPC came out Intel and Microsoft made the Classmate which
> ran XP (badly) which somewhat scuppered the OLPC launch.
> When netbooks came out we crowed about how they ran Linux better than
> Windows. Microsoft came along and dictated (via the terms for Windows
> Starter Edition) that netbooks be hobbled to a very specific hardware
> profile, one which suits their OS.
> I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to do something unexpected to screw
> with the RPi. I remain optimistic though.
> Cheers,



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