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Bob Giles thecorfiot at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 07:57:30 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Again, I am late to the discussion but I thought that I would add my two 
cents worth!

I have always preferred to read conventional books. Then my daughter 
bought one of the original Kindles. The 'liquid paper screen' was very 
readable. As I live in Greece where we tend to have slightly more 
intense sunlight than the UK, I was surprised to find that the claim 
that you can read a Kindle comfortably in any light that you would read 
a conventional book in is 100% accurate.

My wife was so impressed that she hinted sufficiently strongly that I 
bought her one for Christmas. I have now read a couple of books on it 
and am on the verge of buying another for yours truly.

There are a couple of features that I really like. Firstly, the ability 
to alter the font size is great. This might be more of a boon to old 
gits like me but I can imagine others such as students who have to cram 
a lot of reading into a short space of time might find this an 
advantage. (Thinks! Uni = 3 years boozing + 1 year working! Just kidding!)

The ability to highlight a word and immediately be presented with a 
dictionary definition rather than hunt for the paper dictionary is also 
advantageous for thick oldies like me. A very useful feature.

However, as has already been commented upon, the Kindle's ability to 
deal with some PDF files leave a lot to be desired although the latest 
(automatic) upgrade has improved it a little.

As I said, just my two cents worth.

Bob G.

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