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Graham Smith myotistwo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 08:00:30 UTC 2011


I shall never, myself, be a great advocate of things like the Kindle... I
> spend all day looking at a screen programming, or in my part time job at
> Morrisons supporting self-scans and working on tills, so when I want to "get
> away and relax" the last thing I want is an electronic screen.
> Decent Newspaper and (paper) novel will do me.
> Returning to the subject, what is the advantage of a Kindle over something
> like an iPad which - to me at least - appears to be much better able to view
> PDF files and is fairly decent at books too?

In spite of my disparaging comments about the Kindle, the big advantage is
the reflected light screen that has the same feel as reading paper.  It is a
far more pleasant experience than reading a computer screen. Before buying
the Kindle I read a few reviews from people who owned both Kindles and
iPads, and the concensus was that you could read a Kindle all day, but that
extended reading with the iPad gave eyestrain and head aches.

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