[ubuntu-uk] What aren't we doing? What should we be doing?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Jun 24 19:42:31 UTC 2011

On 24/06/11 19:24, Paul Sutton wrote:
> On 24/06/11 10:11, Alan Pope wrote:
>> As a team we do "stuff" for the Ubuntu. Most of this stuff is based on
>> ideas a few people have had within the team. This includes:-
>> * Support
>> * Advocacy
>> * Promotion
>> * Events
>> I figured it's time to get some fresh ideas.
>> So, simple question:-
>> "As a team, what should we be doing within the UK?"
>> What would be really good is to just brainstorm, get a bunch of ideas,
>> NOT debate each one into the ground, just come up with ideas, the
>> details can follow later.
>> Here's my starter for 10.
>> "UK Team should seek monetary sponsorship from companies and
>> individuals, and invest that sponsorship money in Ubuntu related
>> projects and events in the UK"
>> Your turn.
>> Al.
> I am trying to do what I can here in Paignton.
> 1. A while back I found a simple flyer / poster purple background but
> this had no url on for ubuntu so I added one
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3356122/poster-01.png
> this seems to be a common problem a nice poster but it lacks something
> really obvious like a web url.
> 2. Banners
> On their own these are expensive, we could do with some banners with the
> ubuntu logo thing on and a website.  These can then be put up all over
> the UK if they can be sourced cheaply.  However I can't afford to do
> this.  (see 3)

I presume you mean physical banners?

The one we had done for the LUG (1 metre by 3 metres in colour) was 
about £50.  Probably not so bad if it's possible to get sponsorship.

> 3. The south wesd loca team seems to be pretty redundant,  Is anyone out
> there willing to help maintain it or should it be just deleted, or have
> a link to another website.    Either that or someone needs to commit to
> keeping it upto date.

I think it would be good for those of us in Devon to maybe meet the 
folks from Somerset and Dorset (and Cornwall if there's anyone down 
there who isn't already a member of the Devon & Cornwall LUG).

> the biggest problem is time and money, I lack the latter and lack the
> expertise to use my time in a way to produce any form of decent poster /
> flyer let alone come up with wording to appeal to windows users so they
> are aware of alternatives.  I just struggle, with it.

I agree, and I lack both at the moment.  I know someone who does graphic 
design who could probably come up with a poster design, just need some 
sort of wording.

> there are lots of really nice flyers out there,  however they are either
> customised for 1 location
> lack basic information like the Ubuntu website (see 1)
> lack other useful information which reduces their effectiveness
> I think we do a good job we just need to co-ordinate efforts more.

Yep that could be useful, such as making the source artwork available 
for things like posters maybe in SVG, Gimp or OpenOffice format or 
something like that so it can be modified?


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