[ubuntu-uk] from win32 to python?

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It sounds that you might be getting the programming language and GUI
interface confused: the core of the program is written in Fortran, and I
suspect (from what you've written) that GUI part of the program is
probably written in C/C++ with the GUI interface being the Win32 API.

Either the GTK+ or QT toolkits would allow the program to be built for
Linux or Windows.  However, I think that this would mean a total rewrite
of the GUI part of the program.  Both toolkits work with Python, but if
he's already written the GUI program in C/C++ it might be easier to use
C/C++ again rather changing to Python (especially if he/she isn't that
familiar with Python).  Also, I don't know how easy it is for get Python
code to call Fortran code.

An alterative would be to use .Net for Windows and Mono for Linux.

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This is a question mainly for developers. I think. It's really a
curiosity of mine and I have little say in the result of the project.

Someone I know is thinking of releasing his software. It's a program
that at it's core is written in Fortran but has the gui written in
win32. it has other open source programs attached to it as well. All
bundled up in a nice .exe installer. 

He has gone through a lot of trouble of learning win32 and actually
programming the whole GUI. But this at the end means that linux users
have to run the program through wine. Would you consider this a complete
disadvantage and a deal breaker if you would want to create a community
around it and it's worth thinking about "translating" the GUI to
something like python? Or other more cross-platform compatible
languages? (I don't know if it runs in Mac for instance).

Or would this be a bit of reinventing the wheel? 

It seems to make little difference for an end user as  I've seen wine
programs in the software centre. Or would it be incredibly more
efficient if it's a "native" linux program?

Or would it be more of a question of knowing who your users are going to
be at the end of the day?

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