[ubuntu-uk] Are we missing the point with an OS ?

John Davis davisjo at wanadoo.fr
Sat Dec 3 17:33:55 UTC 2011

I am an experienced Linux/Ubuntu user, I went to night school to learn it.
I use Ubuntu and Windows 7 on a daily basis and think that the OS is 
just somewhere to store the programmes I need to work with.

  In Windows, it is the Apps that have to perform properly, like 
Office,Photoshop, email  etc.

It seems that with Ubuntu et al, effort is put into the OS but it does 
not seem the same with the applications,  there developers seem to be 
left to their own devices. Without applications,  the OS is useless.

I think this is why cloud computing is becoming more popular,

Or am I missing the point,

John Davis

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