[ubuntu-uk] 11.10 So far mixed fortunes

Paula Graham pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Fri Dec 9 13:00:27 UTC 2011

> Its not down to your Tosh as such as my computer is a HP Pavilion 
> desktop with 2GB ram.
> More likely to be a Unity 3D problem.  I had crashes in 11.04 but they 
> have become more frequent in 11.10.
>     I assumed that the issues with the upgrade had caused a problem so
>     did a
>     full install. The machine crashed again two days later. Also
>     Firefox was
>     crashing to the desktop several times a day. I have now downgraded to
>     Unity 2D and everything is stable.
>     My non-techie test subject (the wife) has two things that she dislikes
>     about Unity:
>     1. The small vertical scroll device is fiddly, especially when using a
>     touch pad.
>     2. The launcher is too quick to jump out when you go to select
>     things in
>     the top left hand corner of an application, for example the 'Back
>     Arrow'
>     on Firefox. This, again, is a particular problem when using a
>     touch pad
>     as it is generally less accurate and over shoots are more likely.
>     There
>     needs to be a buffer zone between the left hand edge of a 'full
>     screen'
>     application window and the left hand edge of the display screen.
>     Barry T
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Lenovo (G-something or other) has similar problems - Firefox and Libre 
Office endlessly crashing, launcher in the way etc.

Additionally, I've got some kind of compressed RAM partitions installed 
by Oneiric (I presume) which gparted can't see (so you can't just get 
rid of them prior to reinstallation) but which seem to prevent 
installation of any system capable of recognising them (which seems to 
be kernel 3.0 upwards but I'm only guessing) unless you wipe the entire 
HD. This is extremely annoying if you have your /home on a separate 
partition. The Ubuntu partitioner can see them but, apparently, not 
remove them. I had to obliterate home and allow the Ubuntu installer to 
use the whole disk. Otherwise the installer crashes - both Oneiric and 

No, I haven't filed a bug report because I don't feel like breaking my 
system in order to reproduce it and don't have time to get to the bottom 
of it . . .  maybe over the xmas break I'll look into it.


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