[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu - Wrong Direction?

scoundrel50a scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 13:17:00 UTC 2011

On 02/12/11 12:40, Alan Bell wrote:
> On 02/12/11 12:24, scoundrel50a wrote:
>> Going round in cirlces again, we had this discussion not long ago and 
>> it seems every year we have the same one (and I remember 7.04 being 
>> intropduced), and the same things are being talked about and the same 
>> attitude if you dont like it, go somewhere else......Ubuntu wont get 
>> anywhere until you get a good support system in place, 'for everybody'.
> there is an incredible community support framework in place globally. 
> The LoCo teams, plus the IRC channels for LoCos and the official 
> #ubuntu IRC channel. Just watch that for a few hours and see people 
> being supported and helped.
I watch the IRC channels quite a lot, and I would say 60% of the time 
its chatting about nothing, and the rest is support if the person is 
understood......it can be very daunting on there
>> People wont stay because its just not there, and to be told if you 
>> dont like it go somewhere else even if your just talking to one 
>> person, somebody comes on and sees that, its bye.....ok, some people 
>> dont like change, I dont like Unity, I think its too clunky, and that 
>> is before you get to the bugs.......it seems that those of that dont 
>> like have to lump it and its tough........
> no, you don't have to lump it. You can make it the way you want it to 
> be, or go use something else. If you want to be listened to there are 
> several ways, deploy Ubuntu across many thousands of desktops, sell 
> many thousands of computers with Ubuntu preinstalled, or contribute to 
> Ubuntu. The third way is a totally achievable option. If you get 
> involved in the ISO testing team, or the Accessibility team or the QA 
> team or the Ubuntu Friendly team or participate in session at UDS or 
> contribute to various other projects that make up Ubuntu then you will 
> be listened to. Just using Ubuntu on your own computer and wanting it 
> to be different doesn't count for much. Sorry.
Alan told the op, either like it or go, which is basically the same 
thing like it or lump it, and if like me you arent computer literate and 
do need help, seeing that doesnt help.....and if you noticed, that op 
hasnt appeared since
>> I still have a computer that is fairly new, and I cant get 11.04 or 
>> 11.10 to install on it, and I still havent been able to get help to 
>> see if it will ever be able to get it to work, I had to buy a new 
>> computer another one, not many people will do that....very few in 
>> fact would.......and I am getting support from the company that I 
>> bought it from, or I would have had similar problems, not being able 
>> to get support.....
>> You need to decide if you are going to keep with just business or 
>> business and personal, which ever way you do it, you have to sort the 
>> support out......or every year the same subject is going to come 
>> up....and still no real decisions have been made.......

So, people like me who likes Ubuntu, its going to be even more difficult 
in the future to get help? Does that mean you are making Ubuntu into a 
Business OS?
> this I do agree with, and I think there is too much focus on personal 
> use. Too much messing about with media players and not enough focus on 
> business use-cases. Apparently that is going to be addressed this 
> cycle with a corporate desktop reference build, but I have not seen 
> much action on that yet.
>> That is what I mean by static, its not moving forward.....
> this doesn't square up. You can't say it is changing and you don't 
> like change and you want it to be the way it was, and simultaneously 
> say it is static.
no what I am saying is, the support is static its not moving forward 
still get the same problems

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