[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu on the BBC!!!

Paul Roach roachy at roachy.net
Tue Oct 27 16:15:45 GMT 2009

> The moral I take from this is - the more Ubuntu is used, anywhere, the
> closer we get to the tipping point.
> I have introduced three friends in recent months to  Linux Emporium,
> because they wanted an Ubuntu only Laptop from a retail friendly
> source. Three  purchases.  LE is giving an impressive service, I can
> recommend them.

I'd second that Alan - I found a desktop via the LE for a friend, and the
service was first class and the product was excellent - very good for people
who want to use an alternative OS, but don't want the usual argument with
suppliers about refunding OS fees and invalidating warranty due to changing
the OS...

I've personally found that the less pre-requisite Windows experience people
have had, the easier they adapt to Linux - people who have to forget the
previous knowledge to learn anew have a harder time than those who are just
learning something... this has been true for friends and elderly relatives
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