[ubuntu-uk] Broadband and hosting reccomendations

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Thu Jun 4 10:07:45 BST 2009

Just to say I believe BE Broadband, who I just praised above, is LLU
so it's possible they won't be available in your area but the service
I get ("Be Value") which is actually £13.50 (not the £12.50 I said) is
quite fast enough for my liking at 8mbps (as I used to only get 1mbps
or thereabouts despite the service being 'up to 8mbps' with Pipex),
comes with a very nice wireless router and - as I said - a very
helpful call centre at the end of a freephone number.  And to have an
unmetered "value" package with a commitment in the T&C's never to
"traffic shape" etc. for that price is, to me, remarkably good value.


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