[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu stickers!

Michael Douglas mehall at mehall.co.cc
Mon Jun 1 00:13:22 BST 2009

Thomas Ibbotson wrote:
> alan c wrote:
> I also use thunderbird with the view set to see threads. I also 'replay' 
> the thread by clicking on each message in turn. I find that big threads 
> can get quite unwieldly in thunderbird (i.e. when the subject line is 
> indented past the end of the subject column). With google wave you would 
> just have one 'wave' with everybody's edits, which you could replay by 
> clicking the replay button, and scrolling through the timeline. This 
> seems much cleaner and intuitive to me than the thunderbird thread view, 
> so I'm looking forward to trying it out when they release it.
> There is also no need for bottom posting if you use thunderbird with 
> thread view, as everyone could simply not include the previous messages 
> assuming everybody had all the messages in the thread, but it's much 
> nicer to have all the relevant information for the post in it, so you 
> don't have to go through each message in turn to get the relevant 
> information.
> Tom
And if you ARE including all the previous stuff, bottom posting means 
the read it in the correct order, even if it does take longer for 
Blackberry's to DL the email.

Also: wave does look excellent. I signed up the other day after seeing 
it somewhere (Lifehacker or /. or somewhere)
- Michael

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