[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu stickers!

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Mon Jun 1 05:30:31 BST 2009

Michael Douglas wrote:
> Thomas Ibbotson wrote:
>> There is also no need for bottom posting if you use thunderbird with 
>> thread view, as everyone could simply not include the previous messages 

> And if you ARE including all the previous stuff, bottom posting means 
> the read it in the correct order

Of course, the 'traditional' netiquette is to *edit* what you're 
replying to (rather than just including tens or hundreds of lines of an 
ever-expanding thread) so that there is just enough context to make your 
reply comprehensible.

But habit formed when bandwidth was precious.  Very few people bother 
these days -- another complaint to lay at the door of corporate practice 
with MS Outlook, alongside HTML e-mail.  :-(



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