[ubuntu-uk] card reader not recognised

Matthew Daubney matt at daubers.co.uk
Wed Jul 22 17:45:36 BST 2009

On Wed, 2009-07-22 at 17:41 +0100, Norman Silverstone wrote:
> > Reading around a bit, I think the problem is from the device requesting
> > USB 1.1 instead of USB 2.0. One workaround seemed to be very daft in
> > that it removed the use of USB 2.0 from your system, so I wouldn't
> > recommend it. Since card readers are so cheap these days, I'd just get a
> > better one. If it's a laptop, take the machine with you to the shop and
> > ask to try it. 
> I don't mind buying a new one but it feels a bit like you know who,
> change the operating system and you need to change some hardware. The
> frustrating thing is that it works perfectly well on another machine
> apparently running the same operating system. 
> Norman

The Alcor Micro devices aren't fantastic. I'm a bit cautious with my SD
cards as my photos are important to me, so if it where me I'd rather get
a new reader. The problem may stem from an incompatibility in the USB
card of the machine it's intermittant on. When it asks for USB1.0 mode
the USB card of that machine may not emulate it, or whatever, very well.
It may well not be the card reader if it works on another machine fine,
but a piece of hardware in the machine you're using it on.

If you get a better one and it does the same, I'd blame the machine
you're trying it ons hardware, and it may want a new USB card or
something. If it doesn't, you've just gained a superior card reader, so
all is well anyway!

-Matt Daubney

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