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Vinothan Shankar neversaymonkey at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 8 23:05:26 BST 2009

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Adam Bagnall wrote:
> If you're not planning on gaming, just using HD for video and compiz 
> then a low powered nvidia card would be fine. An nvidia 8400gs only 
> costs about £25 from ebuyer and most of them have passive cooling (no 
> fan and therefore silent). With these nvidia cards you can playback HD 
> video with very little cpu usage and they are power efficient too. 
> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=nvidia_vdpau_gpu&num=1
> Regards,
>     Adam.
> javadayaz wrote:
>> I am thinking of installing a graphics into my machine finally.
>> Can you please suggest a cheap graphics card?
>> It must:
>> PLAY NICE WITH UBUNTU. (easy to set up. no problem with compiz)
>> display HD for a screen size of at least 37".
>> Not require extra cooling.
>> Looking forward to your comments!
>> -- 
>> Javad
Don't talk to me about the 8400GS.  I've got one in my machine, and
while it's fine using its VGA output, there's something wrong with the
DVI when using NVidia's Linux driver (it was fine when I was still on
Windows and it's fine with the free drivers...).  Even when I set the
DVI output to a resolution and refresh rate that my monitor specifically
says is supported in its manual, I get a "picture mode not supported"
message - and i've tried with a TV with a DVI-in as well, just to make
sure.  The usual workaround of disabling DynamicTwinView doesn't help

In short, beware if you want to use DVI.


PS this is _not_ a request for help with it - I can live with VGA.
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