[ubuntu-uk] Suggest a graphics card

John Matthews jakewc2 at sky.com
Wed Jul 8 23:19:59 BST 2009

Vinothan Shankar wrote:
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> Adam Bagnall wrote:
>> If you're not planning on gaming, just using HD for video and compiz 
>> then a low powered nvidia card would be fine. An nvidia 8400gs only 
>> costs about £25 from ebuyer and most of them have passive cooling (no 
>> fan and therefore silent). With these nvidia cards you can playback HD 
>> video with very little cpu usage and they are power efficient too. 
>> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=nvidia_vdpau_gpu&num=1
>> Regards,
>>     Adam.
>> javadayaz wrote:
>>> I am thinking of installing a graphics into my machine finally.
>>> Can you please suggest a cheap graphics card?
>>> It must:
>>> PLAY NICE WITH UBUNTU. (easy to set up. no problem with compiz)
>>> display HD for a screen size of at least 37".
>>> Not require extra cooling.
>>> Looking forward to your comments!
>>> -- 
>>> Javad
> Don't talk to me about the 8400GS.  I've got one in my machine, and
> while it's fine using its VGA output, there's something wrong with the
> DVI when using NVidia's Linux driver (it was fine when I was still on
> Windows and it's fine with the free drivers...).  Even when I set the
> DVI output to a resolution and refresh rate that my monitor specifically
> says is supported in its manual, I get a "picture mode not supported"
> message - and i've tried with a TV with a DVI-in as well, just to make
> sure.  The usual workaround of disabling DynamicTwinView doesn't help
> either.
> In short, beware if you want to use DVI.
> Vinu
> PS this is _not_ a request for help with it - I can live with VGA.
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I have a new pc, and it has a Nvidea Something 5500 in it. I say 
something because it was having problems, so it had to go back, so I 
cant remember exactly which one it was. That was just using Windows. I 
am just wondering, would it work with Ubuntu? I have yet to install it. 
Was going to when it came back. Sorry to come in and hyjack the thread, 
but it is a similar question.


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