[ubuntu-uk] Firefox3 on network

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 23 16:59:32 BST 2008

Robert McWilliam wrote:
> ...I've had a quick look for how to get more debug output from 
> firefox and it looks like it needs recompiling firefox and knowing 
> enough about the internals to tell it what you want to know.

Robert >>> It's very good of you to research this.  I think the option
of getting more debug output exceeds my skill (and perhaps my
enthusiasm, too!), especially as...

> The sqlite problem with the db being on a network share is due to 
> problems locking the db file rather than permissions, and the sqlite 
> docs say that locking is broken or not implemented in most NFS 
> implementations...

I hadn't come across this, and it's very useful to know.  Thanks for the

> ...but it doesn't say which NFS implementations do or don't work so
> it might be worth a try.

So I'll take your advice about this and give it a go with nfs.  If that 
doesn't work, I think I'll probably adopt the solution of running FF3 
from a profile on a jump drive, which has the incidental advantage of 
ensuring that you can't try to run two instances of FF3 using the same 
network profile simultaneously, as a jump drive does for the profile 
what the 'way key' does for single track working on the railway - only 
the user that's got the key can proceed.

I probably won't try nfs immediately, as I'll have a bit of setting up 
to do first.  But I'll report the outcome here in due course, for anyone 
who may be interested.

Many thanks for the advice and assistance.


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