[ubuntu-uk] Firefox3 on network

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 22 18:10:17 BST 2008

Robert McWilliam wrote:
> Do you get any error messages if you run firefox from a terminal?

None:  it runs with no errors...

> I think this might be the same problem with sqlite on network drives
> that you had attempting a similar thing with liferea, as firefox moved
> from using an html file to a sqlite db for bookmarks in version 3. If
> that is the case the only think I can think of is to have local copies
> of the profile info on each machine and use rsync or a VCS to sync
> them.

Interesting that you relate it to my problem with liferea.  I'm 
beginning to think both of these difficulties are something to do with 
using samba and FAT32 (to do with permissions that don't get set 
properly because FAT32 doesn't handle them).

Actually, I'm thinking of setting up a new file server, and I'm 
wondering whether to dump samba/FAT32 and just use nfs (it's a simple 
home LAN with no Windows machines).  Are there any problems or risks in 
just using nfs?


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