[ubuntu-uk] RAID failure after a couple of weeks

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Mon Sep 8 13:07:59 BST 2008

Chris Rowson wrote:
>>> [...]
> The hardware controller you mention. Does that support Ubuntu? I
> wouldn't mind buying a hardware RAID card as long as it came with some
> kind of monitoring application (so I could tell remotely if the RAID
> fell over) and it managed to come in at the sub 100 quid price...

Hello, Chris.

I'm using the 3ware 8006-2LP:


This controller is supported by Ubuntu out the box and you can install 
8.04.1 LTS onto it from the 'live' CD, which is one reason why I'm using 
them. I'm using these controllers with 'ICY-box' trayless hot-swap SATA 
enclosures (with fans):


I use a version of the Debian 'unofficial' port of 3dm2 that I found in 
the 3ware 'knowledgebase':


This is the download link provided by 3ware:


The version of 3dm2 supplied on the 3ware CD doesn't work under Ubuntu.

I've been pushing the controller very hard by deliberately using my most 
  unreliable disks, and I'm very impressed with how robust the RAID1 is!

I bought all this kit for our Opteron servers from Eclipse computing:


Let me know how you get on if you decide to try the 3ware controller.

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