[ubuntu-uk] RAID failure after a couple of weeks

Dave Walker DaveWalker at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 8 12:54:22 BST 2008

Chris Rowson wrote:
> <SNIP>
> The hardware controller you mention. Does that support Ubuntu? I
> wouldn't mind buying a hardware RAID card as long as it came with some
> kind of monitoring application (so I could tell remotely if the RAID
> fell over) and it managed to come in at the sub 100 quid price...
> Chris

Hi Chris,

When I use RAID5, I use 3Ware hardware - most recently the 9650SE.  I
would be surprised if anybody favours any other manufacture, as their
stuff 'just works' (TM).

One thing to note, Linux should support any real hardware RAID
controller as it is at bios level rather than at the OS level like mdadm.

The monitoring software comes from 3Ware is called "tw_cli", and using
various scripts floating around the net, you can email daily health
reports and/or "[Warning]" when you have a failed member.

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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