[ubuntu-uk] Configuring Virgin cable modem

dianne reuby pramclub at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 14 22:22:53 GMT 2008

> From a purely non OS perspective of this, are you using the same network cable as your husband? just to be sure.
> You say it has ethernet connections, is it a router as well or do you have to switch the cable? If you have to switch the cable, are you rebooting > the modem when switching over?

On the old modem we just used one USB cable, and swapped it between PCs. 

On the new one, we've added a router, which seems to be compatible with cable as it's working OK on the XP machine. We each have an ethernet cable to the router, and then there's a cable between modem and router. I'm sure all the cables are OK, as I've swapped them around and the XP machine always works.
What I really don't follow is the activation - the new modem was activated through the XP machine, as Virgin techs don't have a crib sheet for Linux or Firefox. Is that why my Ubuntu machine won't work? Because the modem thinks the XP machine is the only valid machine that can use it?
I'd forgotten how slooowwww some OS's can be!

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