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Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Fri Nov 14 11:24:36 GMT 2008

Sean Miller wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 11:03 AM, Sean Miller <sean at seanmiller.net> wrote:
>> Problem with making Windows a paid extra is that Micro$oft will no
>> doubt recruit Maureen Lipman or somebody to do an ad campaign saying
>> "do you realise that if you buy Windows at the same time as your
>> machine you will save £xxx or more - don't leave it too late." and the
>> net result will be that everybody just goes for the "option" anyway,
>> which will just lead to more grief for the consumer in the long term.
>> I suppose Canonical wouldn't throw a few hundred thousand pound in our
>> direction to do an alternative ad campaign on TV informing people that
>> they have a choice?  No?  Didn't think so... :-(
> "Midsomer Murders - sponsored by Ubuntu Linux.  Not having Windows
> isn't a crime."
> Sean
I tried to print a flyer out from one of the ubuntu projects to promote 
ubuntu,  it was blurred when printed out on A4,(something to do with the 
size of the png file or something I am not a grapnics expert so can't 
fix it, so end up not bothering),   so not much use,  what is needed is 
some professionally printed flyers,  easily available as the cd's,  if 
it looks good people will take note,  and will be consistant,  hand 
printed stuff with a home printer can look awful compared to properly 
professionally printed leaflets (compare the free cd's to home printed 
cd labels and you get the idea),

Thing is,  I don't think the postage is that much, i would prefer an 
option to pay for x number of cd's given that my last order for stuff 
from the shop included 20 cd's and the postage was < £8 i think,  I 
would be happy to click and pay postage for free cd's),  same would 
apply if orders could be combined with shop orders,  so you pay postage 
for weight, so if ordering some stickers, and the postage i think is 4 
quid then the rest of the weight could be with free cd's,  I would be 
happy with this, as it would make the postage seem far more worth while,

again from the shop order leaflets, flyers etc etc,  make it easier for 
us to promote, ubuntu and linux generally.

One question,  i have a poster at http://www.zleap.net/downloads/ubuntu/

my ubuntu poster has tux on it,  I was just womdering if this is a good 
idea, or if the direct association with Linux should be removed,  as not 
to put people off, 

just asking, it could easily be replaced with the circle of friends 

again what is needed here, is an easy way to upload to the right place 
on the site, (it seems i need another password and uid to sign in to a 
different part of the community site,  perhaps someone on marketing 
could help me with this please.



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