[ubuntu-uk] Media Centre Functionality

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Thu Feb 28 20:42:52 GMT 2008

Ian Pascoe wrote:
> So far everything I found seems to be around digiboxes and Sky boxes, but I
> haven't as yet found any PC TV / Media cards that support this feature or
> software that can deal with it .... unless of course you know something
> different?

IIRC on DVB the audio description is carried as a secondary audio 
channel in the same way that other languages are carried on multilingual 
channels such as EuroNews.

Ergo any program that can select separate audio channels should work.

To test DVB-S software on the Astra 28 East constellation of satellites 
(ie. Sky/Freesat), just tune to EuroNews and select a foreign language.

Andrew Oakley

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