[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu spotting

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Feb 26 18:53:16 GMT 2008

I'm thinking about starting a new sport called Ubuntu Spotting. Using your 
keen eye, look out for indications of Ubuntu use in every day life. Points 
are awarded for spotting:-

* Machines running Ubuntu
* Articles about Ubuntu in mainstream press
* Official Ubuntu "shipit" CDs
* Overhearing people talking about Ubuntu
* Spotting references to Ubuntu on other peoples computers
* (suggestions?)

Of course points can only be awarded if you happened upon these things, and 
not if you personally influenced their use or placement. I guess many of us 
play this game subconciously really, but I think we should be more active in 
this sport, and promote its play.

I had one of these today..

I got called into a workshop style meeting at $work where a representative 
from $large_software_vendor came in to talk about their $fantastic_product. 
He put up his laptop PC on the projector and in amongst the mess of icons on 
his Windows XP desktop I spotted an Ubuntu ISO image.

Probably not worth many points in this game, but still, a spot is a spot!

"Have you spotted today?"


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