[ubuntu-uk] Miro talk at Westminster, March 12th

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Tue Feb 26 15:50:30 GMT 2008

Hi all,

Below, details of an event I'm organising, which should be of interest 
to those of you in the London area.



The Greater London Linux User Group (GLLUG) announces a special guest 
appearance from Holmes Wilson of Miro at the University of Westminster, 
Cavendish Street Campus, on Wednesday March 15th 2008, at 7pm.

Miro is free, non-profit, open-source software for watching video online 
that was downloaded over 2 million times last year.

Wilson will be talking about why Miro's free, open-source approach is 
essential for fully realizing the socially transforming power of 
internet video, and about why it's important for the desktop linux movement.

There will be time for questions, and drinks afterwards at the King and 
Queen public house round the corner.

All welcome. No charge.

Date: 7pm, Wednesday March 12th.

Venue: University of Westmins School of Infomatics
115 New Cavendish Street,
London W1W 6UW
Nearest underground stations: Great Portland Street, Warren Street, 
Goodge Street.

King and Queen
1 Foley Street
London W1P 7LE

About Holmes Wilson:
Holmes Wilson is a co-founder of Participatory Culture Foundation / 
Miro.   Previously, he helped start the Worcester Computer Co-op (an 
organization that uses free software and recycled computers to start 
computer labs in his city) and OpenCongress.org (a government 
transparency project that gathers information on US legislation).

About Miro:
Miro is a free open-source desktop video application that is designed to 
make mass media more open and accessible for everyone.
Television is the most popular medium in our culture. But broadcast and 
cable TV has always been controlled by a small number of big 
corporations. We believe that the internet provides an opportunity to 
open television in ways that have never been possible before.
Miro is designed to eliminate gatekeepers. Viewers can connect to any 
video provider that they want. This frees creators to use the video 
hosting setup that works best for them-- whether they choose to 
self-publish or use a service. It's the kind of openness that the 
internet allows and that we should all demand.

About the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF):
Participatory Culture Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit based in 
Worcester, MA. It was founded in 2005 with a mission to build tools and 
services that give people more ways to engage in their culture. Miro is 
its core project.

About the Greater London Linux User Group:
GLLUG is a diverse group of people from all walks of life who just 
happen to share an interest in the GNU/Linux operating system.
We communicate mostly using a mailing list and discuss all aspects of 
using and promoting Linux and open source software in general. GLLUG 
organises regular meetings for members to get together.
There is no formal membership, just join the mailing list, come and chat 
on the IRC channel, or turn up at a meeting. Everybody's welcome. 
Although the name says London, we have members situated in many places 
outside London, even outside the UK.

For further information, contact John Levin, john at technolalia.org

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