[ubuntu-uk] Half decent Motherboard (With on-board graphics, if not Id need a card included in this), RAM and CPU for 50 quidish?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Feb 26 06:34:39 GMT 2008

James Grabham wrote:
> Haha, the cheapest one on there was the same spec as my main PC!!
> And 1.4GHz would probs do btw...
> Oh, and the board has to be mATX to fit the case. =[

How about this board at £28.28 from eBuyer.com


This CPU at £21.99 also from eBuyer.com (for about £3 less you could get 
a slower Sempron, or for about £7 more, a dual core Athlon X2)


This memory at £16.27 (it's 2 x 512MB DIMMs but not much difference to 2 
x 256MB)


Does the case come with a PSU?

If not... this might do the job (it's cheap and probably noisy, but 
wouldn't stretch your budget) at £5.99


Oh and you'd need a CPU fan (cheap one for £3.99)...


Comes in at about £26 over budget.

Otherwise, you might be worth trying eBay for second hand components.


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