[ubuntu-uk] Half decent Motherboard (With on-board graphics, if not Id need a card included in this), RAM and CPU for 50 quidish?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Feb 26 06:24:50 GMT 2008

James Grabham wrote:
> Righty ho
> With my recent offer of a 17-inch monitor which runs at 1400 x 800 for 
> free from a mate, I decided Its finally time to cough up some dough, and 
> build that multimedia PC that Ive wanted to build for ages.
> I found a great desktop case for 24 pounds.  Awesome.  Ill order it on 
> the 1st (when I get the first lot of money for this XD)
> I already said Ive got a monitor.
> Now I have about 50 quid to get the insides...
> I was thinking 1.8GHz with 512MB RAM and geforce 5ish...
> Any Ideas.
> Ebays the obvious option, but anywhere else?

What CPU are you looking at?  AMD or Intel?

You can get some fairly reasonable AMD boards from about £30 with dual 
core Athlon X2's starting at about £40.

Or on the Intel side, the MSI P35-Neo2 board is pretty good and comes in 
around £50 (I have the P35-Neo2 FSIR with heatpipes on it which I think 
was about £60 and it will support up to the latest quad core CPUs 
(although saying that, when it comes to upgrading, sods law Intel will 
have brought out their new line of CPUs on a different socket).

Memory for either board would be DDR2 which is dirt cheap at the moment, 
I think you're looking at about £10 per gig (buy the memory in matched 
pair kits, that way you know they'll work in dual channel mode).

You should be able to pickup a cheapo Geforce 5 series or 7 series for 
about £25.


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