[ubuntu-uk] Can I use a desktop PC as a network hub?

James Grabham jgrabham at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 22 12:58:20 GMT 2008

Right, Im setting up a p3 800mhz 256mb box as a firewall, file server, media
player and to use for other stuff.

Now I will have

Modem>PC>old wireless router

If I do this, I will have all network traffic coming at it through a single
10/100 connection.

Instead of plugging all my wired computers into the router, can I shove some
more NICs into the srever, and plug them into this, making it act as a hub
as well.

So Id have eth0 eth1 eth2

Will this work.

Will I need patch or crossover cables.

All help much appreciated.
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