[ubuntu-uk] 'The One': new low-priced laptop with linux inside

Matt matt at mattjones.me.uk
Wed Feb 20 18:18:56 GMT 2008

LeeGroups wrote:
>>     > The reason I never got an eee was the ridiculous price - £220!!??
>>     >
>>     It's clearly not that ridiculous or they wouldn't have flown off the
>>     shelves in the vast numbers that they have.
>> £220 for a laptop which doesnt have a real keyboard, has a tiny 
>> screen, and is generally just unusable (I have used one, Its awfull 
>> since I havs stubby fingers, and since Im short sighted)  I could get 
>> a much better used thinkpad X30 for the price.  £100 is an acceptable 
>> price though, not as a main laptop, but as essentially a large PDA, 
>> which is what I want this for.
> Woah! Hold on there...
> That's your opinion, In my humble opinion (as I've actually owned an Eee 
> PC since they came out), it's a stunning bit of kit. It's got superb 
> build quality for £200, it does have a 'real' keyboard, granted it's 
> something like 80% of size of a full sized keyboard, but it's a tiny 
> machine, it's supposed to be a tiny machine, so it's GOT to have a 
> smaller keyboard. And yes, I do have sausage fingers, but after a few 
> hours use, it feels like a normal sized keyboard to me now.
> Yes, you could get an old laptop for £200, but you couldn't stick an old 
> laptop in a large coat pocket, could you?
> Yes, £100 would be a much better price, but be realistic, there is £150+ 
> worth of hardware in there, so they couldn't sell it for £100....
> "as a main laptop" - of course not, it's not designed to be a main 
> laptop/PC, it's a tiny low powered, easily portable laptop - that's the 
> point. The thing is tiny, the charger is tiny (like a mobile phone 
> charger) - it fits in backpack hardly taking up any room. As for a large 
> PDA... how many PDAs offer that kind of functionality???
> You seem to have completely missed the point, it's not designed to be a 
> cheap laptop, it's designed to a small laptop. The price is a bonus, 
> given that UMPCs like to VAIOs cost £1200...
>>     > I will start saving ASAP
>>     >
>>     If I were you I'd wait for the 8GB eee to come out and pick up a 2nd
>>     hand 4GB ee which I'm sure some people would sell to upgrade :)
> The thing is that the 8GB has been promised and rumoured for 2+ months 
> now, and increase of flash memory, its only going to add to the price of 
> the Eee2.
> Given that Play.com are selling high speed 4GB SDHC cards for £10 inc 
> postage, it seems daft to wait...
> And who's going to sell if they can up the memory to 8GB for £10, and 
> keep another 4GB taped to the underside of the case... :)
> Best Eee PC comedy moment so far?
> Sat in Wetherspoons with a friend of mine, the day after I go it, using 
> Wetherspoons free wifi connection and the built in webcam to have a 
> Skype video chat with a friend of ours in the next town...  Geeks huh?
> #2 is reading my email in the car going down the M1 (no I wasn't 
> driving) with a bluetooth connection to my phone and the phones 3G data 
> connection... LOL not tried a Skype video chat in a moving car yet...
The barista in caffe nero was very interested in mine, I use it to type 
up my college work whilst waiting for the bus. I practically use it as 
my main machine, I have all my emails, and use it for typing long essays 
etc when I am at college. There is nothing else comparative available in 
the UK at the moment, about the closest thing in size is the sony 
picturebook, which is horrifically expensive.

The keyboard is OK, you get used to the little keys after a while. I 
wish it had a longer battery life, hopefully asus will catch up with the 
supply of batteries so there can be some going into retail channels.

I could not fit another laptop(even a 12 inch one) in with my folders 
and various other stuff(Large amounts of Mars planets usually) The size 
is ideal to just chuck in a bag with the slip cover on.

I think the £220 price is amazingly cheap, for the build quality 
espescially. I also have a Pentium 3 Toshiba Tecra, that when new was 
the top of the line laptop, (Going back some years admittedly) and that 
feels far flimsier than the EEE. Nothing squeaks, shakes or rattles at all.

The price of a High end PDA is about the same as the EEE, I know which 
one would be more useful.

I am using the sd card as a swap area until I pop some more ram into it. 
This seems to work well, although it does limit storage potential. 


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