[ubuntu-uk] 'The One': new low-priced laptop with linux inside

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Feb 20 18:57:14 GMT 2008

John Levin wrote:

> Anyone have any idea what distro 
> it will be running?
> John

According to The Inquirer (link: 
it's going to be running Debian.

At first I thought it might be Arm based since Debian has an Arm port 
(and because ARM chips are low power, cheap etc) but then I found 
details of the Vortex86 system on a chip, I haven't got the link to the 
site I found earlier (I submitted it to the comments on The Inquirer but 
it's not come up at the moment), but I found this...


It fits the bill, the other site was talking about an embedded PC board 
with 128MB DDR2 memory on there, so I assume they might have been able 
to either use a load of these boards (iirc the size was about 3 inches 
square) or some custom made.


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