[ubuntu-uk] Mobile internet proxy

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Tue Feb 19 15:13:11 GMT 2008

Alan Pope wrote:
> T-Mobile also block "dodgy" content, but you just have to ask them and they 
> remove the controls. I did this the first day I started using it.

Vodafone and BT Mobile also, by default, block non-approved domains. You 
can call them to get this restriction lifted.

I hit this when investigating spam in my role as manager of anti-spam 
development at MessageLabs!

I've never hit this on O2, however, but then I don't do a lot of data 
use on O2.

The mobile companies do have a fair point about this, as a large 
proportion of their mobile data users are children. However, "any 
feature that cannot be turned off is a bug", as they say.

Andrew Oakley

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