[ubuntu-uk] Notebook Problems

Jai Harrison jai at jaiharrison.com
Sun Feb 17 01:19:05 GMT 2008

Hey Andrew

I am using the open source Intel Graphics driver and I have both AC
Power and Battery Power settings for "When laptop lid is closed" set
to "Blank Screen".

I'm not one to use Hibernate or Standby and I haven't had these
problems until recently (as in the last month) which is why it's so


On 2/17/08, Andrew Oakley <andrew at aoakley.com> wrote:
> Jai Harrison wrote:
> > having some issues with Gutsy - namely being automagically logged out
> > and presented with the GDM sometimes when the notebook lid is closed.
> > The other is a bizarre black screen state in which the monitor simply
> > turns off and won't turn back on again (resulting in a requirement to
> > reboot).
> I've been helping track down similar problems in the Hardy alpha
> releases. We have discovered that this is caused by poor power saving
> support, usually related to graphics card drivers.
> The main workaround is to ensure that you don't use Standby or Hibernate
> modes when the lid closes. Instead, just use Blank Screen. You can set
> this from System menu - Preferences - Power Management.
> This issue appears to be solved in Hardy for the closed-source Nvidia
> drivers. Unfortunately it has not been solved for the open-source Intel
> drivers.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/180907
> The irony of this bug being nailed fasted by Nvidia's closed-source
> team, than both Intel and the open source community can fix it with the
> open source software, is, I'm sure, not lost on any of us.
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