[ubuntu-uk] Notebook Problems

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Sun Feb 17 00:56:08 GMT 2008

Jai Harrison wrote:
> having some issues with Gutsy - namely being automagically logged out
> and presented with the GDM sometimes when the notebook lid is closed.
> The other is a bizarre black screen state in which the monitor simply
> turns off and won't turn back on again (resulting in a requirement to
> reboot).

I've been helping track down similar problems in the Hardy alpha 
releases. We have discovered that this is caused by poor power saving 
support, usually related to graphics card drivers.

The main workaround is to ensure that you don't use Standby or Hibernate 
modes when the lid closes. Instead, just use Blank Screen. You can set 
this from System menu - Preferences - Power Management.

This issue appears to be solved in Hardy for the closed-source Nvidia 
drivers. Unfortunately it has not been solved for the open-source Intel 


The irony of this bug being nailed fasted by Nvidia's closed-source 
team, than both Intel and the open source community can fix it with the 
open source software, is, I'm sure, not lost on any of us.

Andrew Oakley

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