[ubuntu-uk] [OT] - MS XP Pro OEM CD - How?

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Fri Feb 15 15:12:58 GMT 2008

Eddie Armstrong wrote:
> Tom Bamford wrote:
>>  I use a mastered ISO which has every
>> version of XP in both OEM and retail flavours on the one CD. 
> Thanks Tom - Am dl as we speak.
> How does 9 - 1 work? If I burn an iso (will K3B do?) and boot one of the 
> machines with it do I just choose the appropraite OS from a menu or 
> sometning?
>> If your serial keys are valid and you aren't cloning them onto more than
>> one machine each, 
> Well they should be valid - they upgrade OK - but there is too much 
> mess/unknown  on the PCs  - I' want to give clean installs to people.
>> If you're doing dual boot, I recommend pre-partitioning your system with
>> an Ubuntu live CD, 
> Thanks - have done this particular op many times
> This OEM disc  could potentially save the day!
> Thanks
> Eddie

Yeah you get an isolinux/syslinux based boot menu giving you all the 
versions to choose from. I'm not sure exactly how it works, whether it 
unpacks a compressed image for the version you choose or whether it just 
uses the same set of files but a different rollout per version. It's 
probably something like the latter, because the CD works 
post-installation whenever Windows asks you for the install disc (say 
for reinstalling drivers, windows components etc), and the all-important 
I386 directory is present as with a "normal" copy of Windows.


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