[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Server, oidentd and eggdrops

Michael admin at x3n.me.uk
Tue Feb 12 19:33:26 GMT 2008

whoredom at gmail.com wrote:
> Hey,
> I have been trying to get an identd daemon running on my Ubuntu Server 
> so they can identify with IRC servers (some of which require it to 
> connect). I run a miau IRC bouncer and some eggdrops, each with their 
> own account. I tried out oidentd as it gets mentioned a lot in the 
> threads I have seen, but installation, running and configuration has 
> not seen any results.
> Has anyone got any tips? Or managed to get it running themselves? I 
> hear there are issues with identd because I use a router that includes 
> a firewall (the port is forwarded to the correct machine). Is spoofing 
> an option? How do I spoof?
> Many thanks

I'm not sure about oidentd as i've not used it, but as you've not gotten 
any response here i would suggest (if you haven't already) expanding on 
the exact problem that you are having with it, i.e error messages etc. 
Or there are other ways to get the same result; most (good) IRC networks 
have a host cloaking ability, either by request or by setting the 
relevant user modes. Please consult the IRC network's websites for details.


Michael Wood

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