[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Server - sys req?

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Tue Feb 12 17:25:32 GMT 2008

Rob Beard wrote:
> Maybe someone else might want to advise on partitioning the drives, I  
> can never remember if /var should have more space than /usr.  IIRC  
> it's down to what you want to use the server for.
> Rob

/var is where the logs go, as well as MySQL databases and Apache's 
default document root - I always partition this separately to prevent it 
filling up the entire disk should something suddenly bloat in size. The 
only other volume I tend to keep separate is /home for obvious reasons, 
in my experience /usr is unlikely to fill up unless you specifically 
tell it to (ie. installing loads of new software).


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