[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Server - sys req?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Feb 12 15:57:55 GMT 2008

Quoting Eddie Armstrong <eddie_armstrong at ntlworld.com>:

> Rob Beard wrote:
>> I'd be reluctant to use NTFS on a Linux box.  I'd personally use EXT3
>> format over some proprietary file system with fragmentation issues.  It
>> doesn't appear to mention that it is possible to get an EXT3 driver for
>> Windows, and in any case, if the machine died I'd use an Ubuntu Live CD
>> to get the data off.
> Thanks for all the tips - will be trying it all this weekend.
> Eddie

Good luck.  The basic installation will probably only take you 20  
minutes or so depending on the hardware, you also have the option of  
installing a standard server or a LAMP server (which is a standard  
server plus Apache, MySQL and PHP - saves a few minutes installing  
them separately, but you might want to go for the standard server  

Maybe someone else might want to advise on partitioning the drives, I  
can never remember if /var should have more space than /usr.  IIRC  
it's down to what you want to use the server for.


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