[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Server - sys req?

Eddie Armstrong eddie_armstrong at ntlworld.com
Mon Feb 11 13:15:15 GMT 2008

Thanks you all for your comments - very interesting - so it seems I'll 
be safe.
The suggested PC is my current desktop minus all the goodies I've been 
adding for the last 10 years - I'll be putting them on the new-er one (I 
like to recycle)
The suggested server is a PIII 700MHZ with 768MB RAM (old pc133, IIRC an 
old Dell that is now maxed out for memory) - I have an old 32MB nvidia 
graphics card I could reinstall- would that be ANY use at all :-)  ? It 
won't take new-fangled (i.e. three generations old) graphics cards 
because of the power supply unit (wind-up model with crank handle)
HDD will be about 19GB for system etc + 2nd drive(s) for files.
BIG Q: If I am running a basic filesharing + Apache _ testing/learning 
things like web-site, Moodle/Plone  I would also  want possibly two 
streams of FLAC audio in the future one for me and one for my partner 
(taste clash)
Would I need separate drives,(separate servers, separate homes)? I'm not 
sure how a drive would cope with all that streaming (pre SATA, I'm afraid)
As I only have space for two IDE drives - I was going to use expansion 
slots for USB 2.0 card(built-in are only USB 1), graphics card card and 
Ethernet to wi-fi router.

I'm actually cannibalising some old pcs for this - I'll keep the P4 for 
my desktop then :-)  and bung er, install all my goodies into it.
Nice Vid, btw, Andrew (assuming you are the same Mr Oakley)

(Rather masochistically looking forward to and dreading this)

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