[ubuntu-uk] Skype 2.0 beta

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Sun Feb 10 13:55:13 GMT 2008

>>> Is it still using a proprietary protocol?
>> Yup
> To be honest, even if it were using an open protocol such as VOIP-SIP, 
> Skype would be unlikely to get much of the Linux market. For calling 
> landlines, Skype is very expensive
True, but no-one uses Skype to call landlines (well on-one I know 
anyway), it's all these Windows types I know out there who use it for 
free web cam chats, that mean I have to run it...

I've had a voip hard phone for years, but no-one else I know has one 
(including the techs), as most of them have mobiles which have hundreds 
of free cross-network minutes included. So why mess about with 

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