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Stuart Bird e_tective at yahoo.co.uk
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Well, I've found a couple of workarounds to this problem however I am not entirely convinced that either of them are a sensible option.

The first way is to use: gksudo nautilus to access and edit files as root. The second way is to add myself to the root group which then allows me full control from my normal users account.

Can anyone advise if these are viable (ie safe) long term solutions or should I keep searching for a better way.


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Hi All

I've just taken delivery of a new LaCie 80 Gb usb external hard drive.On plugging it in to my laptop (running dual win xp/gutsy) it automounted without error. I have copied some files and folders to it (both from a windows xp partition and the ubuntu partition) without issue but then noticed that I could not save any of the documents that I was working on. Further investigation showed that everything on the drive was mounted with the permission stu:root.

I have tried several ways to change the group to my normal users group but keep getting an "Operation not permitted" error whether I do it as a normal user, through sudo or as full root.

Can anyone explain why this has happened and what I need to do to sort the problem out.

Thanks in


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