[ubuntu-uk] USB Hard Drive Group Permissions

Stuart Bird e_tective at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 16:08:10 GMT 2008

Hi All

I've just taken delivery of a new LaCie 80 Gb usb external hard drive.On plugging it in to my laptop (running dual win xp/gutsy) it automounted without error. I have copied some files and folders to it (both from a windows xp partition and the ubuntu partition) without issue but then noticed that I could not save any of the documents that I was working on. Further investigation showed that everything on the drive was mounted with the permission stu:root.

I have tried several ways to change the group to my normal users group but keep getting an "Operation not permitted" error whether I do it as a normal user, through sudo or as full root.

Can anyone explain why this has happened and what I need to do to sort the problem out.

Thanks in advance


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