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Seif Attar iam at seifattar.net
Wed Feb 6 16:17:08 GMT 2008

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Michael Holloway wrote:
|> Ok, morning came and that machine hadn't crashed, so I started the
|> unison sync again to force the machine to crash, and something happened
|> while I had an ssh session open, the server didn't crash as it usually
|> does (without any errors), this time it returned an I/O error to unison
|> and then it crashed, but somehow my ssh session was still going! :) find
|> attached the output from dmesg, it says the XFS partition is corrupt, I
|> am not sure if that is what is causing the crash, or did all those
|> crashes cause the corruption? I am copying all my files over to a secure
|> place, and will try to repair the partition (xfs_repair sdb1).
| Hmm, well it still could be to do with the power... especially if its an
| external USB device (some sort of distant memories). If i remember well
| there is an issue with USB Seagate drives (or perhaps im making that
| up), maybe someone on the list can elaborate on that??
| As for the crashes corrupting the drive <> visa vera... i more inclined
| to think the hardware has caused the crash. It is possible that the
| hardware is somewhat faulty, or just that it isn't "on" when Ubuntu
| thinks it is. Those errors were read errors which just sounds like a
| silly issue like that.

Thanks for the reply, but the drive is not a seagate, it's a WD external 
drive with USB, I dont know what is inside the enclosure, but I am 
assuming it's a WD since that's what ubuntu tells me when I connect it.

I tried looking in the bios for any power features to disable, couldn't 
find anything realted to power, but I do believe there's is something 
wrong with the way ubuntu handles the drive. if i boot after a shutdown, 
the drive is not mounted, and i have to mount manually, if I reboot the 
drive gets mounted normally, so I guess that there's is some power going 
in the usb and it is not released when I reboot. But i don't know what 
to do! :S

I have backed everything up, copied my files over, ran a repair on the 
disk, but now i rebooted the machine, and my X session is closed and i 
can't VNC to the machine to start the unison to try if it crashes again! 
will try it when my wife gets home!

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