[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Crashing

Michael Holloway michael at thedarkwinter.com
Wed Feb 6 15:35:24 GMT 2008

Ahhh thats where i saw the Seagate USB thing... on this list!!!

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> Subject: [ubuntu-uk] Problems with the latest Seagates?
> Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2007 19:17:43 +0000
> You may have seen this report about problems with the latest Seagate
> drives with GNU/Linux:
> Does anyone know how accurate this is?  I've been thinking of getting
> 500Gb USB drive, and I've tended to use Seagates in the past.  I may 
> need to think again.  What do you reckon?  How about Maxtor instead? 
> (Yes, I know, Seagate owns them, too;  but I don't think the redesign 
> has included Maxtors - yet???)
> Mac
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