[ubuntu-uk] BBC news site

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 15:01:13 GMT 2008

Seif Attar wrote:
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> | BBC, Sky, ITN all suck big time. Try watching Al Jazeera, there's always
> | something fairly important or interesting on there, and no
> | "entertainment news" (a contradictory term in itself).
> I like the jazeera news (I get it from the Sky News package), it helps 
> give a different view on things and covers more international news, I 
> like BBC as well, but there are some things jazeera covers that BBC 
> never mentions (unless a briton was involved). i just wanted to try 
> al-jazzera online now,  while I am at work (windows machine) and I 
> needed to install real player plugin, tried to do it from firefox, it 
> failed, tried to do it manually and I had to register to real player all 
> the non-sense, vnced to my machine at home, tried it from there on 
> ubuntu, and I guess it works (saw mplayer run but no video, maybe a vnc 
> thing). those restriced and extra packages in the repos, I think they 
> make it easier to get plugins and codecs for ubuntu that it is for windows!

I use the gxine plugin for Firefox (gxineplugin in the repos) which 
works well for the free stream, the mplayer plugin should work as well. 
They have a flash-based stream as well but it's only 100 minutes free 
viewing before you have to subscribe.


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