[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Crashing

Seif Attar iam at seifattar.net
Tue Feb 5 12:03:06 GMT 2008


I have ubuntu 7.10 gutsyx64, installed on a new machine I bought, after
finally getting everything on there, I noticed that it keeps crashing! i
dont know what causes the crash, it doesn't happen when I am using it,
usually happens when I have left it for a while (no suspend used, only
blank screen on idle), when I try to resume my session, the screen works
normally i can move the mouse, see the applications that were already
running, but i cannot start new apps, cannot ssh into the machine,
cannot access apache! now you can imagine how annoying this can be,
especially when it crashed when i am away from home and need to access

Can any1 give me advise on how to troubleshoot this?? I can't run dmesg
and don't know what logs i should be checking since a hard shutdown is

I did try disabling the nvidia-new driver, thinking it could be causing
the failure, but it still occured!

Thanks in Advance,
Seif A.
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