[ubuntu-uk] Mega Slow Bootup

Stephen Garton sheepeatingtaz at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 08:38:12 GMT 2008

> I think Tony is right, but LVM problems might just be a symptom of the
> underlying trouble, not the cause. Modprobe is in i/o wait state while
> "vol_id" is probing your disks, looking for volume labels. If there are
> read errors on a faulty hard disk, for example, it can take a long time
> for the kernel drivers to give up. Have you run any disk diagnostics?
> Another possibility is that you might have corrupted partition tables
> and/or you are waiting for non-existent UUID's to be discovered. The
> fstab entries in Gutsy now use UUID's instead of device names and these
> UUID's are intended to be persistent across changes to the BIOS-derived
> device names caused by adding/removing disks.

Hi Tony, I've not run any disk diagnostics. Mainly because (rather
shamefully) the extent of my disk checking knowledge is know that fsck
runs automatically every 30 boots. I'm reading up on the subject now,
and I'll think I will try and put something on the ubuntu community
docs, as I couldn't find anything there.

One thing I noticed when I booted into an Ubuntu7.04 Live cd (the only
one I can find at this time on a Sunday morning!) is that when
booting, the system put a lot of messages about my webcam up. On
booting back onto the main system, dmesg shows a lot of the following:

[  391.728000] usb 5-6: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 46
[  391.884000] usb 5-6: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
[  391.884000] /build/buildd/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-2.6.22/debian/build/build-generic/media/gspcav1/gspca_core.c:
USB SPCA5XX camera found.(VC0321)
[  392.096000] /build/buildd/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-2.6.22/debian/build/build-generic/media/gspcav1/gspca_core.c:
Failed to configure camera
[  392.096000] gspca: probe of 5-6:1.0 failed with error -5
[  392.096000] usb 5-6: USB disconnect, address 46

So I suspect the camera may be faulty. I am going to try removing the
gspca module, but I need to read up on that first too :)

> BTW, Thanks for introducing me to bootchart :-)

No Problem, but I can't take all the credit - popey introduced me to
it back when I was having a problem with feisty!

Steve Garton

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