[ubuntu-uk] Best ISP?

Philip Newborough mail at philipnewborough.co.uk
Wed Oct 24 11:52:56 BST 2007

On 24/10/2007, Lucy <lucybridges at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 23/10/2007, Jai Harrison <jai at jaiharrison.com> wrote:
> > Hey Guys,
> >
> > I figured this would be an interesting topic for people to discuss.
> > We're all from the UK so it should work nicely. What is the best
> > Internet Service Provider in your opinion and why? Please state
> > whether it is ADSL or cable.
> I definitely think this should become a page on the Wiki - perhaps as
> part of a FAQ page?
> I'm with Virgin, it's potentially a very fast connection, but like
> other people I wouldn't recommend them. Customer service and billing
> is appalling from what I've heard of other people's experiences. DNS
> is very slow and the connection starts crawling in the evening (maybe
> something to do with their throttling, but who knows).

I'm with Tesco Broadband. Now before I get slagged off I would like to
state in defence of Tesco that:

1. I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I was gob smacked that I
was even able to get an ADSL connection!

2. I've never had any issues with the line **touches a big bit of
wood** and I've never needed to contact their support department. Not

Having said that, I'm sure that Tesco uses some other backbone/network
[NTL?] and just rebrands their offering. Either way I'm not fussed as
it works well and there's no monthly bandwidth restrictions. It's all
good :D

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