[ubuntu-uk] eee PC, was Serious Advice

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Fri Nov 16 09:46:44 GMT 2007

Hi Jim,

On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 05:43 +0000, Jim Kissel wrote:
> Have they delivered?  

No. When I ordered them it already said that they were not available
until the end of November. I've ordered the 4GB/512MB version, not the
2GB/256MB one which was in stock a while ago.

My order currently says "Awaiting release on 30 Nov 2007" for the white
one, and "Awaiting release on 21 Dec 2007" for the black one.

> If not have the given any indication of when they 
> will deliver?  Why?  I've noticed eBuyer and Dabs are sold out.  Dabs 
> shows "Due in 3-4 weeks"!

All stores seem to be showing that which is what I'd expect.

> > Then maybe I'll buy the 10" version when it comes out next year for
> > myself :)
> I too would like a 10" version, though I'm not prepared to wait till the 
>   next of forever to get my hands on one.  Dabs just delivered my 701 
> Thursday afternoon.  My initial impression of the 701 is it much nicer 
> than the Classmate.  Better (bigger) keyboard.  The case build quality 
> seems better.

I'm surprised you say the build quality is better. I find the build
quality of the classmate to be pretty good. It's quite robust.
Especially compared to the OLPC. But then I have not handled an Eee PC

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